Chapters Hotel and Restaurant Road Race

Monday 23rd March 2009

by MikeC

After a weeks training camp in Majorca followed by a weeks rest I was well up for the Chapters Road Race which was held on the ever popular (pot holed) Seamer circuit. Again, all categories were present and on the start sheet there were a few professionals including Dean Downing. With 7 laps to complete it was going to be a tough, fast race. To compensate for the big field, we set off in handicap groups with myself, Chris W and Mike G starting in the first group. From the first pedal stroke Sid Barras was pushing the pace and trying to get the small group of 4th cats riding organised through and off. It was working quite well to start with but the pace was too much for some and the group started to thin down leaving me to sprint and take the first prime. This split the group up even more and by the end of the second lap there was just three of us left. The strong wind on the exposed parts of the course made the going very hard in a group of three. Our other companion took the prime on lap three which Sid was not happy about so he went on the attack, I decided not to go with it and wait for the main bunch, my legs were starting to tire. The main bunch caught us at the start of lap 5 and riders were constantly trying to get away making the pace very fast. A group of about 10 finally managed to get away which again,  included team member Dan. From the start of lap 6 the pace was very high and a lot of riders were getting dropped, I was constantly checking behind to see how many riders were left. I was hurting quite badly aproaching Skutterskelfe bank and couldnt hold on going up the climb so called it a day. I’d had a great workout and the fitness had proved quite good working hard at the front of the race for 4 laps. I rode to the finish line waiting and hoping that Dan would get a good result. I was talking to Mr Williamson and Mr Wood when the leaders came into sight, a small group of 4 were coming fast down the road and Matt Kipling sprinted to take the win with Dan taking 5th some 10 seconds behind, which is a great result in such a high quality field. The pace had been so high that there wasnt even a bunch left, the race had been blown apart as riders trickled over the line. Im not totally sure but I would guess that 30 finished after 80 started. Next weekend is free for training and my next outing to the start line is the first round of the British Mountain Bike Race Series at Sherwood Pines near Nottingham. Before you re-read that sentence, yes, it’s a Mountain Bike Race 🙂

2 Responses to “Chapters Hotel and Restaurant Road Race”

  1. Dan Says:

    Nice one Mike… I haven’t had a chance to get anything on site yet about the Chapters! And now I don’t have to, which is brilliant! I came 6th I think though. I really need to get some miles in before the Girvan!

    I’ve got a post from Catherine to put up tomorrow – the latest news from Italy! It’s good stuff!

  2. Rob Says:

    Nice blog, sorry about whipping out into your front wheel on the first lap Mike, the lad in front did it to me hence the domino effect!! ha p.s Super sid barras blew my legs up on that 1st lap, school boy error, didnt warm up!!

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