Tuesday 24th March 2009

by catherine williamson


Contact at last with the real world… Ive just found a cafe with internet so making capacchino and pastry last…(pastry not lasted long…my first fat inwhat feels like forever, my own fault as doing our own shopping and been a tight ass!)

Believe it or not I still haven’t raced, problems this time with one of the girls who is still on the UCI list even though she is banned, think that was the problem, or may have been as there is no kit or team car ready!! Can I join velo 29!! have to laugh really.

Did do a grand fondo yesterday though, just like a race with 2000 starters and was in a big group all the way. Pretty tough and really enjoyed. Planning on making it more of a training camp here. Training on own but today went mad on all the long hills I could find, hense the pastry!

The girls in the team are really friendly, 2 are Russian and don’t speak any English but we smile at each other a lot!, then a Lithuanian who speaks ok English and Italian so I can talk to her and a girl from Sweden who is a godsend, speaks perfect English and is the only one that doesn’t smoke and drink!! Its like living in a half way house (I imagine) with bottles and fag ends all over, I can only imagine who they manage to race pretty well!

Should be writing this in the blog..maybe you can paste it over (Done It, DS!) as I’m starting to get odd looks from the owner of the cafe and capacchino is stone cold! Yet to get a photo of the team car but have got a jarraffe as a mascote. Bikes are pretty good too but have to use Sram gears which are a bloody knightmare. Its also a 52 frame so Im pretty stretched out.

Hope training is going well, was it Chapters race this weekend? Won’t be out for quite a few Saturdays as racing and staying in Holland all of April (thats the plan anyway)

Will def be back in here again soon, Catherine

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