Catherine’s first race…

Tuesday 31st March 2009

by catherine williamson

ahh internet cafe has let me down but alas Ive found a spot somewhere in this town that is wireless(am sat in a street but never mind). Afraid I can’t work out the blog yet, do I have a password or something? Finally races yesterday, well started anyway. It was 5 degrees and pouring down and I learn’t one thing, don’t try racing like that in just a short sleeve top!! Managed one of the big laps feeling really good and on the front then the shakes started! Stopped for a jacket but the damage was done just couldn’t stop shaking and by the time we were on the climb again I was not with it at all, legs refused to turn and I watched the group ride away while my HR was 145! Complete disaster but at least there were only 50 finishers so Im not alone in the DNFs!!

Still haven’t a photo of the car (which happens to cut out a lot, bit scary at night!) but we have kit now. Will have to compare when i finally get out on a saturday catherine


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