Gimer and The Pecker’s Outing at The Phil Russell Road Race

Sunday 5th April 2009

by Pecker

They say a lot can change in a year; well a year ago the Phillip Russell Road Race commenced in arctic conditions Mr G and I went out the back after 1 lap and spent the rest of the race sat in Mike’s car drinking tea.  The plan this year, pray for two easy laps to start, sit in and pedal like ………


The day looked promising with sunshine, limited wind and most importantly the first race outing for the Velo29 team kit.  As usual Mr G and I prepared perfectly for the race.


Obviously our prayers weren’t fully answered but once the break escaped both Mr G and I settled into the race.  Mr G was going particular well and maintained a position in the top 20 of the peloton whilst I opted for mid group safety.


At the start of the 7th, and final lap Mr G and I occupied positions in the top 10 of the main peloton.  A quick team chat and some encouraging words from Mr G we both decided to have a go and attack.  Mr G’s advice was, “Go on Woods have a go, time trial to the end…..” it’s definitely something I’ll be trying again, as with a bit more experience it just might have come off!


Having finished the race safe and sound in the peloton we both congratulated each other chuffed to bits with our performance.  As we set off back to race HQ we were joined by Dan who promptly b&^*$£”ed us both for missing the break….. we’ll be in it next week, or die trying…!

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