Bridlington CC Road Race – Burton Fleming

Tuesday 14th April 2009

by MikeC

Being on the reserve list isn’t great news when you have 1 and a half hours of driving each way to get to a race. However, I spoke to the organiser the night before the event and he was quietly confident I would get to race. I arrived nice and early to give myself a good chance of getting in and after speaking to the commissaire the organiser said I would get to race……….great news. The course was nine miles on fast undulating terrain with one longish drag of a climb towards the start/finish line at the top. Good roads and no potholes, makes a change from Seamer! Complete 6 laps. The first 2 laps went off without too many problems, a few breakaway groups having a go but never staying away very long. I was staying in the first 10-15 riders most of the time and followng the wheels. A break went up the climb on lap 3 and I decided not to go with it as it would probably come back like the others did. This break was about 15 riders strong and the gap grew to 40 seconds, this is when I thought ‘dam, I’ve missed the decisive break!’ I made a few attemps to get across but was soon caught again by the chasing peloton. At the start of the last lap the gap had come down to 15 seconds as we kept chasing hard. We caught the breakaway group at the bottom of the climb to the finish as riders started trying to move towards the front. I was sitting waiting to make a final effort for the line and found myself boxed in and unable to make a dash for the line, when I crossed the line I counted about 15 riders in front of me. I think I could have finished inside the top 10 if my tactics had been better. How do I know this, well, for a start I wasn’t scraping my lungs off the tarmac at the finish line! A good race for the fitness and a learning exercise for the tactics, all in all a good day out, I was even home in time to watch the finish of the Paris-Roubaix. This coming weekend is the Hambleton cat 3/4 race, check back next week to find out how me and Pecker got on.

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  1. Richard Williamson Says:

    Sounds like a decent morning out Mike and a good step on the learning curve for you.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the post. We look forwards to hearing how it goes on the Hambleton.

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