Velo29 at the North Cornwall Tor Sportive

Tuesday 21st April 2009

by Dan Smith

Last weekend saw the 2nd of the 5 event Kilo To Go sportive events that Velo29 are supporting. Somewhat further afield than the previous excursion, the crew of four headed off to Bodmin in Cornwall! We may not have seen the Beast of Bodmin, but we did see over 1000 cyclists tackling some of the hardest climbs in the area… and some of the bikes being were a long way short of the top end carbon steads that we expect at these events! Once again the Velo29 mechanics saved the day by getting people back on the road when they’d all but given up hope… does anyone else remember Bicycle Repair Man?

Thanks once again to Hunter and Guymer for their invaluable support!



2 Responses to “Velo29 at the North Cornwall Tor Sportive”

  1. Dan Smith Says:

    Just testing the comments… nice bicycle repair man bit!

  2. Geoff Saxon Says:

    Those Velo29 people certainly get around and we’re chuffed to bits that they provide expert tech help at our cyclosportive events. They were kept busy in Cornwall to the extent we had a few not-so-technical people like me helping out supporting riders too. Dan provided me with a spoke key and I set off and managed to “re-true” a rubbing wheel for a rider who had broken a spoke 20 miles from the finish. I do hope he is able to get his wheel trued properly after my quick-fix! We saw a lot of people walking too – not because of kaput bikes but due to the toughness of the route. It really is so hilly down there.

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