Wetwang Spring Road Race

Monday 27th April 2009

by MikeC

6 laps of a rolling 7.5 mile circuit with one significant(ish) climb based in Wetwang, a place I had never heard of let alone been to. It was a gorgeous, dry spring day if not a bit breezy and the race started at 12 noon so I had plenty of time to get there and reccie the course. We rolled out to the start/finish at the top of the climb where racing commenced. From the gun people were trying to get away and inevitibly being caught shortly after, a lot of the time the pace was slow with no one willing to work on the front. The climb was a steady one of about half a mile and by the top the bunch was starting to break up a bit but it wasnt long enough to create a significant gap in the group. On a couple of occassions I got in a small group at the top to get a small gap but both times it was brought back. I was always in the top 10-20 riders and was keeping an eye on who, I thought were the strongest riders. With 2 laps to go there were two lone riders out in front, the leader had 40 seconds on the bunch and the guy in second had 20 seconds, or so I thought. It seemed as though no one was willing to chase the leaders down but riders kept attacking and trying to get over to the leaders. With a lap to go there seemed a bit more urgency with the group and we could see the leaders up the road. Coming back into Wetwang to start the climb to the finish we were close behind the leaders and I was second rider back, detirmined not to get blocked in like I did at Bridlington. We caught the guy in second at the bottom and as soon as we did a lone attack went with no one chasing. The pace had picked up and with about 200 metres to go another attack went and a few riders, me included, responded. We were coming up on the guy who attacked at the bottom who was starting to suffer. I went as hard as I could to the finish line and crossed the line 7th, just outside the medals (they gave out medals this year instead of prize money)! It was a good race on a good course and I nestled myself a few BC ranking points on my way to my 3rd category licence. Next race is Round 2 of the British Mountain Bike Series at Dalby Forest.

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  1. Dan S Says:

    Well done Coward. Nice to see some points on the board.

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