Racing in France

Saturday 25th July 2009

by Dan Smith

As our regular readers will know I have spent several years racing in France, and last month I went back for a brief trip to see les copains and to do some racing!

Despite a very up and down couple of months of training I still managed to scrape a couple of top tens by being the proverbial sly fox… For a lot of English riders, getting a good position comes second in priority to showing the rest of the riders that you’re the strongest and can do the biggest turns, and no matter how big the gap is back to the chasing bunch, it still seems neccessary to push on as hard as possible. With the greater depth of quality in Europe, this is a sure fire way for most English riders to get a good hiding when they first venture abroad!

A 4th, a 7th and a ‘somewhere in the top 30’ were my reward for a drop in kilometres this year… the Quimper crit that I came 7th in this year, I’d previously won and come 2nd in. But with a couple of riders with stagiaires in the peloton behind, I had to be reasonably happy.

But it wasn’t all about the bike… I also managed to make up for the lack of crepes in the UK, and also profit from the much later pub closing times over there!

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