Nurnberger World Cup

Monday 14th September 2009

by catherine williamson

This blog was written on the top bunk in a camper van as it hurtled through Germany, Austria and Italy . There’s one thing scarier than sitting in an Italian driven car and this is it, I’m sure we re going way to fast and its 10 times worse than sitting on the back of a bus. That’s my excuse if you suddenly see a H where a G is supposed to be, I’m struggling even to keep the computer on my knee never mind type properly! I’ve rang Rob to tell him to look after my cats but I guess if you are reading this I must have survived to post it on! I’ve also a draft from the window but daren’t try closing it… last time I tried that it completely blew out and I had visions of those aeroplane films where everyone is sucked out. It took 2 of us to close it and think I snapped something in the process!
I’ve just raced Nurnberger World Cup after I flew in from home to Luxemburg a few days ago (unlike the girls from Italy, 12 hours in this thing, raced then back that night!) It is renound for a bunch sprint and this year was no exception. I didn’t feel that good, unlike Plouay World Cup where I came 18th on a very tough circuit and felt great. Luckily the hill was a big ring job and from mid peleton I was relieved no break was able to get more than 30 metres. I did go with a few attacks but never got round even to doing a turn. I did suss out the finish though practicing for 2 earlier primes and nearly getting one. For the finish it was a matter of removing any common sense as 100 girls all wanted to be near the front but I had a decent position at the end and sprinted in for 11th narrowly missing an Australian flying over the kerb and avoiding the breaking that usually comes around the crash. All that dangerous sign sprinting is paying off!
I’d like to end the season here and now really, on a high note from the 2 recent World Cups and from my best result in a stage race in France a few weeks ago where I came 9th on GC after top 20s in every stage. I was made team leader after the Russian’s bike broke mid stage on a steep hill, chasing back on she then got hit by another team car. She was fine which was more than can be said for the driver who she then punched… Russians!!! It meant I had a free run at the race and with the help of my team mates we also won the team prize.
However on Tuesday I ride Tuscany Stage Race, with 2 time trials in which would be fine if I hadn’t taken my TT bike home after France in fear it would be lost forever in the team house. There are also mountains to contend with and little aggressive Italians who look about 15 year old.
I have no doubt we’ll be in some shabby 2 star hostel with no internet but I will blog if I can!

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