Giro Della Tuscana (still)

Saturday 19th September 2009

by catherine williamson

Following the 2 stages already done was almost a rest day with a 2.2km time trial at 9pm. The atmosphere was fantastic racing in the dark and having internet and holidays to plan passed the day nicely. Being about the only one with no TT bike or disk wheels my 60th position was ok and better than my team mates who had nicked the only disk wheel lying around!! It was a really mild night and havng lost a ton of sweat on the turbo suffered more afterwards when no one had packed any water, why?? ‘you don’t need water for a 2km TT’ was the answer I got!! Things got worse today, there are 2 ‘mechanics’, a ‘massuere’, a ‘manager’ and some tag alongs yet I’ve had one massage all week, there are no team plans or talks, no drinks made up and today only water, no one had brought bars or jels!! Luckily I had an emergancy jel in my bag, some rubarb and custard sweets (thankgod din’t chock on them, can you imagine the death report!), and a jam portion!! The race was 100km, 4 times up a 2km climb, once up a 6-7km climb and finishing at the bottom. A break got away and the pace was high for a couple of laps until they decided to let them go. I dropped off on the big hill (the jam didn’t give me enough kick!!)and I thought it was miles longer than it was again, chased like hell with a few others and had the cars in sight when we crossed the line. Not a great result but not bad. One day left with the finish in Florence, all I remember from this one the last time I raced here was the size of the ice cream we had afterwards!! Isn’t memory great sometimes!!

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