Giro Tuscana

Monday 21st September 2009

by catherine williamson

Well another tour done and dusted.  A flat day so I thought what the hell and went with every attack I could thinking I might as well try for the ‘most aggressive rider of the day’ jersey.  After 7 circuits of a fast pace and constant attacks, me being in 3 small breaks, it was a main open road into Florence, I counter attacked a break I’d jumped upto and found myself alone.  What a great feeling heading towards Florence with the motorcycles all around and cameras.  Only lasted 8km or so, long enough as was starting to really struggle.  Liquid jel quickly thrown down me and I was back at the front for the hill in the city then downhill for the finish right in the centre.  If I’d known how technical the finish was I might have thought twice but all too late… cobbles, 90 degree bends, cars, dogs, bins the lot, managed to dodge them all and finished 10th, didn’t even see the finish till 100 metres before was concentrating so hard!!  Only downer was not getting the jersey, it was given to an Italian, typical!!
That’s the season over.  Despite 4 top 20s in World Cups, a World ranking of 40th and 4th in the Nationals I didn’t make the team of 7 for the Worlds.  Wonder if I’ve any Irish blood??

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  1. Dan Says:

    Well done Catherine… enjoy your holiday and see you soon! Bring and buy sale in Stokesley at the end of October perhaps?

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