Winter Training…..Winter Weather

Tuesday 5th January 2010

by MikeC

My last blog post was at the start of my winter training and I was feeling quite considerably out of shape. Over the last 2 months I have been following my training plan with consistent endurance/strength rides and cross training with weights and core exercises. The plan seems to be working as I feel much fitter/stronger than I did 2 months ago. The current cold snap has made it quite difficult to get out on the road some days. Most of my mid-week training consists of commuting but with snow on the road I was confined to the turbo for a while. With 10 days off work over xmas it was mini-training camp time (and excessive eating of course). Despite snow being on the quiet roads we normally use it was routes on the main roads. I think I did the Great Smeaton-Northalleron-Stokesley route 3 or 4 times…………..I’ve lost count. I’d rather do that route 100 times than sit on the turbo for any length of time. The best ride of the xmas break was a ride to Selby on New Years day and back the day after, a good 70 miles each way and it made a nice change from circular routes. When I got to Selby a hugh 3 course meal and the best part of 2 bottles of wine awaited……………well, I needed to stock up the energy for the ride back home. As soon as I got to the tontine on the return leg the snow had started to lay on the road. Cold, wet, tired and concerned are some of the feelings I had squinting into the snow and concentrating on trying to keep my bike upright and moving forward on the snow covered road. I dived into Howards cafe in Stokesley for a warm coffee and much needed scone and decided to get the bus the rest of the way. Imagine my dismay when the bus driver said ‘We aren’t allowed to carry bikes.’ With a bit of pleading he soon relented and let me on. When I got home it took at least an hour before the feeling had returned to my hands. Its been a while since we’ve had this much snow, and for so long. I know I speak for most cyclist when I say I hope the snow melts soon. My ski-ing holiday is in two and a half weeks and after that the training intesity starts to pick up. Thanks for reading. Mike

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  1. Dan Smith Says:

    lol can’t believe they let you put the bike on the bus, but also can’t believe they wouldn’t let you either… you know how it is, rules to follow, health & safety, blah blah blah! I guess realising you might freeze to death without their help might have convinced them!

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