A bit of snow………

Wednesday 6th January 2010

by MikeC

………and everyone freaks out!! Yesterday it took me 2 hours to get home from work on the bus. We meandered up cargo fleet lane at a snails pace and only managed to hit a respectable speed near the cross keys. Now I know that with snow/slush/ice on the road we need to drive with a lot more care but not at 5/10 mph!! When I looked down at the road (from my comfy seat on the full, cold, smelly bus) I honestly thought ‘whats all the fuss about?’ This post has the potential to turn into a personal rant at peoples patheticness (is that even a word, if not, it is now) so I will keep it short. Today I decided to bust out the cross bike and ride to work. Non-cyclists think Im crazy/daft/insance etc but I got to work unscathed and can honestly say the worst part of my ride was getting wet and dirty due to lack of mudguards on the cross bike! Even with snow on the ground/roads there are ways to get out on the bike………providing you have an off-road equipped machine, and if you don’t, well that’s your loss!

2 Responses to “A bit of snow………”

  1. shane Says:

    shocking init…. my brother got sent home from school today because of snow, the schools only 2 miles away and its bright sunshine now. Man i wish i was still at college!!!!

  2. Dan Says:

    I was working in Sunderland today… would have been a bit of a trek on a bike! Obviously it was no problem in the team car 😉 I’m thinking of waiting for the roads to get quiet before going for a run on the main road through Saltburn tonight 🙂 The road was dead last night!

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