Happy new year

Wednesday 6th January 2010

by Shane Leadley

Right, as you will probably know i’m going to be racing in France this season and i can’t wait. I have a blog and plan on keeping it updated through out the season www.shaneleadley.blogspot.com, but will post each blog entry on here as well. hope u enjoy reading it……..

heres the latest entry… not exactly exciting :0 but the winter generally isn’t!!!

This is just a quick update whilst i have time. Very busy at the moment with my last weeks of work and training but i have 5 mins to spare.

Hope a good Christmas was had by all, i certainly had a good chilled out one, with lots of good food and company. Athough like everyone else, a very cold one. The plan of letting my turbo trainer gather dust whilst i spent my time out training on the roads didnt go too smoothly either thanks to the snow but some good quality training was still completed and i did get out eventually for a few days until the poor weather returned.

I also picked up my new Frame that i will be racing on this season. Its a Basso laguna and a lovely looking frame. I am yet to build it up but it looks stiff and is very light. I bought it from http://www.velo29.co.uk/ , a web based cycle store. Check them out, they are very helpful and have some good quality frames, wheels and general bike things for sale. They know what are talking about as well after many years racing at a high level both in the uk and abroad, which is always very useful. I will give some kiind of review on the frame when i have got it built up.

What else, what else.. …… well, i am workin again now after a long break over christmas so its back to the 4.45am starts that i love so much, I have only 3 weeks left now and then its time to start getting ready to leave for foreign lands, the winter seems to have flown by this year which can only be a good thing.

i have some other good news as well but dont have time to write it up now……. it will have to wait until the next blog!!!

sorry for the lack of pics, havent quite mastered that on here yet!!!!


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