Damn, i cant stop waking up early!!!!!!!

Monday 1st February 2010

by Shane Leadley

After 6 months of my alarm going off at 4.45 am and dragging my arse down stairs to force down Obscene quantaties of caffiene and porridge oats to get me through the day, my body clock is stuck where i dont want it to be. Will i ever get back to normal ????

Iworked out whilst i was stood in the factory during my final days of work that i have lost around 220 hours of sleep this winter and stood on my feet for around 800 more hours than i would have liked. As well as spending many more hours in my garage staring into oblivion than i would recomend to anyone.. I am also aware how sad i am to have worked these things out.

But, it turns out for the time been i am a full time bike rider, which i must say after only 3 days, it is so much easier!! fitting training around working full time is a killer and for those who do it all year round, as well as having families etc, i dont know how you manage. To be i honest i cracked big time last week!!!!!


This training/rsting/eating/training/sleeping is the business. Since Friday i have only stood on my feet to go downs stairs and too the garage for my bike.

Anyway, the Ferry is booked, yes booked, we are going to France,my parents are driving me over on the 21st february and i cant wait for the season to begin now. Speaking of which my first race is looking like it will be at Croft motor racing circuit on 20th Feb, weather dependant………. Im going to miss that place this summer, what ever will i do with my Tuesday nights???????

This will be followed by an interclub race, my first in France on 27th Feb – Plaintel-Plaintel. The day afte my 21st birthday………… So im not exactly going to be celebrating my 21st in the ‘traditional way’. Then the ‘real’ racing beggins in March

The snow has made an unwelcome return to the North east this week as well, couldnt believe it when i woke up on saturday to the roads white over Arrrgghh!!

I very nearly booked a flight to Spain but then thought about how hungry i would be with no money in August …… no flight to Spain then!! Althought to be fair the main roads have been fine and the suns been out so all is good and its much better than training in the dull wet weather we usually have.

Anyone watch the Tour down Under last week???? Was good to have some racing on the T.V again. A bit of inspiration and all that. Not sure im a fan of Sky and to be honest and im not to convinced that wiggins can win the Tour, be up there ? yes, Win? No

Personally, im Fan of the Schelck brothers and think Andy may have what it takes this year.

So there you are, things are taking shape nicelyfor the season, a not too shabby winter in the legs, bit more higher end work in the coming weeks should turn these winter legs into ripped racing legs 😉

And finally, my Basso is just about ready to ride when i get round to getting some tyres on

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  1. Mike C Says:

    And fitting a decent saddle 😉 Hope you have a great season in France, look forward to reading your blogs about racing on the continent. I think I may have cracked big time doing a job like that!

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