A bad race and 25% training

Thursday 24th June 2010

by MikeC

Not long after the dust had settled from round 2 of the Nutcracker race and it was all go again from Round 3 at Dalby forest on the weekend of my 29th birthday. The Dalby XC course is fantastic and has been designed to test the worlds best, the whole course it technically demanding with some killer climbs and sketchy descents, XC mountain bike racing at it’s best. The rain was coming down hard as we drove over, a big contrast to the heat of the previous round. I was soon lining up with the biggest expert turn out of the series, 7 riders! I started well leading into the first section of singletrack and opening a gap on the technical descents to be caught on the climbs by guys who weighed about 15kgs less than me. Come the long climb on the back of the course I mentally popped, not able to hold my pace. I rode the rest of the lap at a steady pace and tried to pick it up again but I just couldn’t hold the speed so decided to call it a day. My friend in the master category had a bad mechanical 2 miles in with Jason the only one of my friends finishing, he claimed 6th in the veterans category.

The title might suggest that I’ve only been training at 25% but this isn’t the case. A lot of my training has been in the North York Moors over the last few weeks and I’ve lost count of the amount of 25% gradient signs I’ve seen. Last week was a 50 mile Mountain Bike epic out to Blakey Ridge and back via Danby and Commondale. You may think that 50 miles isn’t very far, but off road with 6800 feet of climbing is certainly enough for an all day ride. I’ve done this route several times and it’s a cracker, the singletrack is sublime! The week after I opted for the road bike and headed out to Rosedale then onto Goathland (yes, that’s where they filmed heartbeat). It was this route where the hills really started to bite, climbing these hills on mountain bike gearing is a lot easier than using road bike gearing. With an mtb you can set a fair tempo and tap it out, on a road bike with 39×25 you have to push hard. Some of the descents were great fun but the grin was soon wiped from my face when I realised I had to gain the height back. Goathland was a welcome sight and a quick re-fuelling of cake and coffee and I was on my way again. Lythe bank was on the list of hills to climb but my legs had other ideas so I opted for the A171 back to Guisborough. I certainly wont be forgetting that route in a hurry.

2 Responses to “A bad race and 25% training”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Welcome to my neck of the woods!!

  2. MikeC Says:

    Thanks, will be a while before I venture out that way again! But when I do I will have fitted a 27 tooth sprocket 🙂

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