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Real ‘winter’ training

Monday 20th December 2010

by MikeC

I was recently inspired by reading Mr Leadley’s blog ( and realised it had been some time since I had put fingers to keyboard. The end of the racing season went really well for me, with weddings, pubs and parties galore alongside a good 7kg weight gain. That’s a pure guess but judging by how […]

Not a great start to the festive month

Saturday 18th December 2010

by Shane Leadley

Dont you just hate it when things start to go a bit wrong. it really is fairly annoying BUT we live to fight another day. so theres no point moaning about it. Basically as far as my training is concerned there hasnt been a great deal of it for the first couple of weeks of […]

all or nothing – this was a ready typed blog for next week but i just nearly deleted it so …..

Wednesday 8th December 2010

by Shane Leadley

The off season, winter what ever you want to call it. Gone are the days of old that i have only read about when we hang our bikes up at the end of the season, hide all our kit in the back of the cupboard and pile on the pounds eating and drinking until January […]


Tuesday 7th December 2010

by Shane Leadley

Right, to start with….. I normally read theses things and people do nothing but apologise for late postings or not writing anything for say hmmm…. 8 months??!!! Well I don’t apologise, I’ve simply had better things to do with my life than write a load of shite about what im doing, whats been going on […]

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