Tuesday 7th December 2010

by Shane Leadley

Right, to start with….. I normally read theses things and people do nothing but apologise for late postings or not writing anything for say hmmm…. 8 months??!!! Well I don’t apologise, I’ve simply had better things to do with my life than write a load of shite about what im doing, whats been going on bla bla bla bla bla……….. Until now…. I have 5 mins to waste

oh and I went back in time to a place called Scaer for a few months where internet doesn’t yet exist (not even dial-up like what we have in Whitby ‘GET OFF THE PHONE MAM IM TRYING TO USE THE INTERNET’ ) . hohoho

Also lacking back in Scaer is plumbing ( we had a bucket under the kitchen sink), they are JUST getting the hang of electricity – we did have it BUT couldn’t have the kettle and cooker on at the same time and if we wanted a cup of tea after 11 o’clock we had to boil the water before 11PM and stash it in a flask otherwise all the electricity went off and we had to go hunting for the flick switch in the pitch black down stairs.

My first night in this appartement alone, said bye to the old parents as they went off too there 4* hotel. hmm ‘what should I do now???, I know I’ll have a cuppa!!!’ Bad idea, Pan of hot water, hob on, BANG Electric off…. WTF. Pitch black didn’t know what to do, scary old appatement, not even any street light. I poked around in a fuse box , clever??! then decided bals to it before finding my bed and getting some kip.

Anywho, racing in France – Fantasic, think I would struggle to find the motivation to race in the UK these days, even the smallest of races have closed roads, a bit of a crowd, a Frenchman shouting random shite down a microphone, one of the regulars who just shouts something that just sounds like he thinks he’s on the BUDWEISER advert WaaaaaaaassssssssUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!! The crowd seem to love it.

Don’t want to bore you with a full season of race descriptions/reports etc… its great, its hard, its often windy and more often wet. if you get the opportunity do a race or two out there then grab it with both hands and if you here someone shouting QUINZE, DIX, CINQ!!!! Sprint like your life depends on it

that’s it for now

im sure your waiting in anticipation for my post……… it may be a long wait/it may not be

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