all or nothing – this was a ready typed blog for next week but i just nearly deleted it so …..

Wednesday 8th December 2010

by Shane Leadley

The off season, winter what ever you want to call it.

Gone are the days of old that i have only read about when we hang our bikes up at the end of the season, hide all our kit in the back of the cupboard and pile on the pounds eating and drinking until January the 1st.

New training methods (cheers sports scientists), the fact that the Pro season starts in January now and even good amateur races kick off in late January/ early February means that although training at this time of year is much less specific it still we are still out there getting ‘in the miles’ through november/ december… even October.

Personally I reckon the UCI should bring in a rule that means that once the season is over, no one is aloud to train until January 2nd . Although I have no doubt some hitters would eat some bad meet that would cause them to hallucinate and accidently train with out knowing it and there fore break the UCI ruling………. something like that anyway

that rule is unlikely to come in to place though :

So my off season/ winter so far.. hears what i’ve learnt:

  • I reminded myself how much a hangover wrecks your head and whitby porto pizza rots your guts for days.
  • Running hurts – To beggin with anyway, during the first month or so of training, i did a fair bit of running down the beach and on the cliff. TO be fair i did actually enjoy it but i was in agony that first week, back, hips ankles, muscles i didnt even know existed. This resulted me doing most of my running on the beach with the dog. thanks to foolishness and lack of plannin i got caught out by the itde a few times and ended up wading knee/ hip deep through rock pools… good times.
  • Swimming is boring – My mam pursuaded me to go swimming with her a few times, heres how that went – ‘I reluctantly passed £4.20 to the lady behind the counter (funnily she was wearing a black and white striped jump suit.) From here i went to the cold wet, changing rooms, slipped into my speedos (bought in France, Me and meadows have a matching pair each, youths size (cheap)), whilst doing this i was been watched by big hairy fat man, also sporting speedos, a quick shower COLD!!!!!! into the pool ‘SORRY SIR CAN YOU PLEASE GET OUT, OVER 40 LESBIANS ONLY SESSION UNTIL HALF PAST!!’ ‘but its 27 mins past and there is no lesbians, infact no one in the pool’ eventually i am aloud in, splash around, get no where fast, and im fairly cold and the arms are hurting. Found a float to use instead throwing my arms in random direction. 30 mins later, bored, cold and annoyed that i had parted with nearly £5, i had a quick wee inn the pool for old times sake and went for a shower, which was too cold to be pleasant but too warm to get out so i spent more time stood there than actually swimming. WASTE OF A morning!
  • People spend more time posing and looking at themselves in the gyme than actually working out and i can squat far more than i can bench press.
  • If you have a few light flu symptoms dont go for a 5 hour hike in -4 and knee deep snow. It makes it worse and causes a case of full blown, knocking on deaths door man flu.
  • If I do get man flu i should move to my grans where i get sympathy as oppose to continue living it my mams school of hard knocks, march or die i dont care if your ill dig the snow out of the road, clear the snow off the conservatory roof and walk the dog for a few hours FFS. ( i did survive though after been very close to death).

I have also started drinking cans of whoops ass and having 2 teaspoons of MTFU with my weatabix on a morning. This has resulted in doing 5,6 and even 7 hours rides in wind, rain , hail – Why??? i know not. And for your interest my current long ride food tipple is panini bread with cheese and ham or salami. Fantastic, keeps me ticking over nicely.

Now the snow is here i have managed to borrow a cross bike which should help a bit, as well as the rollers there should be no problem . The dream would be sunnier climates but as it goes im not made of money and still have too work.

Gonna have to get my hands on more cans of whoop ass i reckon

oh and next season I am going to be riding for Lecuimie espoir Quimper in Brittany again and im heading out there on the 14th/15th Feb.

i leave you with this :

Dan up the road on a brief visit to France - holding onto a motorbike but showing that although form comes and goes class is permanent 😉 i

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  1. Dan Says:

    Where the feck did you find that picture?! (Actually, I can see you got it from Sportbreizh, but I didn’t know the pic existed!) It looks like I’m really struggling… and I am! Wicked blog post by the way; the best I’ve seen anywhere for a while!

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