Not a great start to the festive month

Saturday 18th December 2010

by Shane Leadley

Dont you just hate it when things start to go a bit wrong. it really is fairly annoying BUT we live to fight another day. so theres no point moaning about it.

Basically as far as my training is concerned there hasnt been a great deal of it for the first couple of weeks of december. with out boring you too much heres how it went

  • I was out for a bit of a recovery ride when i pushed down on the pedal ‘as you do’ with my right leg and i got a sharp unbearable pain on the outside of my knee. fairly randomly.
  • This resulted in me having to ride the half an hour home only pulling up with my right leg as it was so painful to put any force down on the pedals.
  • the pain continued as a i walked up the stairs at home……… i realised i may have somkind of problem, got a bit pissed about it and proceeded to self diagnose myself via google – i had alsorts wrong with me a this point and my cycling days were over
  • Decided to be sensible and have a couple of days off my bike.
    during these two days the mild, wet and windy place i like to call home turned into what looked like a somthing from scandnavia.
  • Also during these two days i came down with the mother of all flus and then spent a week, sweating, freezing, sweating, aching, with a pounding head ache and a poor appetite.
  • plenty of time for my knee to clear up though…..or so i thought, first day i felt a bit better on the rollers and 5 mins later agony again. ‘FFS!!’ i believe is the abbreviation of the phrase i screamed out at this point.
  • Went to a shit physio who i know (and who didnt charge me) and he poked my knee and told me to rest for a couple of weeks. hmmm no thanks.
  • Found a better local physio someone told me about who is a fairly desent cyclist himself and he reckons that my right IT band was tight. which when he was stretching it compared to my other leg it was fairly evident.
  • So a bit of strapping on it, plenty of ice and lots of stretching , and a week of easy sessions on the rollers and i am away once again with no evdience of pain at the moment.

And after alot of looking at the possible causes it would appear that the cleat on my winter shoes was set a bit too far back compared to my race shoes and apparently this is a known cause… so back to it now.

and if anything good has come of this it is that it has happened at the end of november and not during the season (fingers crossed) and it has got me back into the routine of doing plenty of stretching which cant be a bad thing.

In other non self news i was reading a ridiculous article the other day about how to endure the festive period with out putting on too much weight. this Article may as well have said ‘ Have a shit Christmas, your a cyclist and therefore a stiff’ some of the advice it actually gave was… and feel free to take it if you want:

  • have a healthy filling meal before going to a buffet asnd drink a big bottle of water to keep you full.
  • Why on earth would i spend my own money on food that when someone else hasa put on a buffet (or challenge as i like to call it) to demolish. and if i had a meal before hand i personally couldnt just sit there whilst everybody else ate.
  • Drink a pint of water between every alcoholic drink when you go out.
  • Fair enough ,in theory is sound advice BUT who really wants to ask for a pint of water after every alcoholic beverage consumed plus…. i dont know about your mates but i dread to think what mine would do if i was knocking bike pints of H2O or H2O on the rocks all nite.
  • opt for less cheese and more fruit when the cheese board comes out or have a little salad
  • Im not even going to comment on this.

I like the advice on this website

ha but in all seriousness eat more , ride more 😉

Oh, i have another job as well working the local shop, get plenty of easy hours with good times for training. i.e couple of hours early on a morning doing the papers then home for 8 out training and back to the shop at 3 -4 o’clock until 10ish so all good. im therenow infact as im typing this….. just dont tell the boss hahah

and i swear if one more person comes in and tells me how ‘cold it is out there’ NO SHIT’ get over it and say somthing a bit more interesting…… theres plenty of other things kicking off in the world of news

Bert Out

2 Responses to “Not a great start to the festive month”

  1. MikeC Says:

    Great post Shane! Sorry to hear about your knee but glad it’s on the mend. Ive been there myself, keep up the stretching and a get a foam roller. Did anyone mention how cold it is at the moment?

  2. Dan Says:

    There really isn’t a better time of year (especially this year) to be off the bike! Another 2 inches of snow today… la merde!

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