new year

Sunday 9th January 2011

by Shane Leadley

Now then, happy new year and that if ii havent seen you yet, which i most probably havent seen as the only time i left then house over the festive period was to ride my bike and work.

Yes days over christmas went something like this for me:

5am – Wake up – slip into cycling kit
5.05 – double espresso ( aided by the houses new Jura coffee machine)
510 – Clamber onto the rollers for an hour v- do some kind of leg speed (the weakness i am trying to work on this winter) or strength work
610 – off the rollers then a bit of a stretch.
6.30 – off to work delivering milk, bread and newspapers around whitby and the surrounding area
8.00 – return home and spend a couple of hours eating a massive breakfast and copious amounts of caffeine woith the fmily

(anyone who has had the pleasure of living with me knows breakfast is actually my fave time of day and i can quite easily make it last most of the day, reading papers and drinking coffee…. at home christmas is the only time the all my brothers and i and the parents are home together for more than a day or two, so its nice to catch up on a morning. my dads back at sea now, middle brothers jetted off to europe modelling and im soon to leave as well. and young brother will be away to wellbeck college later in the year.

10am – a longer ride on the road/ back on the rollers

After the ride monging out on the sofa/ cooking with ma nd pa in the kitchen ( at one point i thought i had burnt the house down when i might have put a little too much brandy in a sauce before flambéing it haha ( i just chucked a tea towel at it and danced around screaming – oh how we laughed.) and eating

Sleep then repeat

now the new year is here though the season is nearly upon us i think its time i pulled my finger out and get some training done…. enough moaning about the cold and illness….. no excuses now, time to crack on, especially with the Velo 29 winter series and the ‘prestigious’ 50 in 4 just around the corner. Its just i shame i wont be here to clean up the big bucks on offer on the 26th February (my b-day) as my season proper will be starting in France that day with the 1/2/3 cat Melrandaise…. a very good race if i remember correctly

after Christmas i have now started a hard block of training to take me through to the end of January when training will become more specific to racing and with he help of said winter series should get me into some sort of race fitness for the start of the season. I hope so any way.

so the next month is going to involve some long rides mostly riding on my own over a bleak and cold north york moors – sounds grim – and no doubt it will be, but personally for me there is something that i strangely enjoy about these rides. 5 or 6 hours riding along…. concentrating on keeping the heart rate in the correct one depending on what i am doing.

anyway – get your heads down, enjoyn riding and stick it to the weather, you’ll always warm back up and dry out ready to go again tomorrow

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