Monday 28th February 2011

by Dan Smith

The last 4 months have been the most significant times since August 2009 when Velo29 was conceived.

When Dan and I started the retail side of the organisation, it rapidly became apparent we had a desire to promote events and have what would one day be a racing team that fitted with our own believes.

The events happened in a manner we would not expect and last Saturday, the North East Trophy was a realisation of the 12 months of hard work we have put in to Velo29 events.

When we saw 100 riders from all over the country speeding around Croft in what was an excellent race, it was obvious that what we do works. It was a proud day.

It’s our belief there is a market for quality events, some theatre, big names, prizes, all kinds of different way’s to make the event fun for the various people involved.

Events have become a big part of Velo29. I believe, though I’m not sure that it comes from our time abroad, or perhaps it’s just an enthusiasm for racing. When we receive emails from riders telling us how they enjoyed the event, that they will be back next week and thanks for a great day, it really does mean something to us.

Velo29 Events will continue to grow, there are definite plans for events bigger than the North East Trophy… this space!

Of course, with at least equal importance is the team. The efforts put in here are tireless. From day one we have strived to make the team a success and will continue to do so for ever more.

The past 4 months have seen this ambition come to fruition and now, quite literally, everyone wants to join velo29! 1 year ago we had 12 riders, in races mid summer we would get an attendance of 2 or 3. There are now 25 riders, a calendar full of race entries and riders competing for places in the big events. Success indeed!

We now have a team of 6 entered in every Premier Calendar, we have a structure which will support this for many years. This is a structure where young riders can enter and progress to the highest level in the UK and beyond.

We have the helpers, the infrastructure and the backing in place to be sure the team will succeed and grow for many years to come. There literally is no limit on where the team can go.

Shortly, we are off to ride the Tour of Morocco, on our return we will compete with the Nation’s top riders every weekend. We have trips to Belgium planned for mid summer, every time we talk about racing there is a real buzz in the air. This is exactly what we wanted when we said “yes, lets have a Velo29 racing team”.

There are over 30 people in the Velo29 organisation and each one is invaluable. Each and everyone of the Team members would be massively missed, they all contribute massively to the success’s above.

We are about to embark on what will, without a doubt be the biggest year yet for Velo29. In 6 months time there will be many more success to reflect on and days to be proud of.

Dan and I will work as hard as is possible to make Velo29 a huge success, thank you all for the efforts made to get us where we are today, I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Wishing us all every success,


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