Spring Honeymoon

Monday 14th March 2011

by MikeC

It’s a well know fact that ‘cyclists’, especially the race and enthusiastic type have more than one bike, some even reporting double figures! I like to try and keep it simple, so have 3 bikes, they all get ridden quite a lot so I’m kept quite busy with servicing and maintenance. My cross bike is the workhorse, a steel frame equipped with a compact chainset, disc brakes, mudguards and lights. It’s my winter training/commuting/snow/cross/general do it all bike and I’m not even going to tell you how much it weighs!! My mountain bike is purely for off-road fun, it climbs as well as it descends and I ride it a lot in the summer, in short xc races, training rides and on all day epics over the moors. Last but not least is my ‘good weather’ road bike, sporting a carbon frame/forks and deep section carbon road wheels it’s light, responsive and quick and only sees the light of day between March and September. It’s great having 3 bikes to pick from, I’m covered for most eventualities and enjoy the feeling of different bikes. It would be easy to add to the stable and I can see why people do it but like I said I like to keep it simple. To coin a phrase I read (and liked) recently, ‘KISS’ Keep It Simple Stupid. During the autumn/winter I will spend 90% of the time riding my cross bike, the MTB will come out once or twice at the weekend and sometimes not at all. I’m sure that most of the cyclists out there are grateful for the change in weather over the last 2/3 weeks and the clocks going forward 1 hour is better than Christmas when your 6………..only 13 sleeps to go.

So what’s the ‘Spring Honeymoon’ title all about? On Sunday afternoon I returned home from a ‘fun’ weekend away in Manchester that involved ski’s, golf clubs, go-karts, bars, nightclubs and alcohol, lot’s of alcohol. Needless to say that when I got home I didn’t feel too clever but the end of the day was beautiful and I couldn’t resist a quick blast out on the ‘good’ road bike riding towards the setting sun. The roads were dry and there was hardly a breath of wind, it was my second time on the ‘good’ road bike since September and it felt like riding a brand new bike. When you spend so much time on a heavy training bike through the winter jumping aboard a light, carbon road bike fills you with joy and confidence and you’re rewarded with a much faster speed for your efforts. I completed a standard 30 mile loop out to Hutton Rudby but chasing the light on a new, fast bike on quiet roads is the best ride I have had so far this year. This got me thinking that riding the ‘good’ road bike in early spring is like a honeymoon period, I know I will soon get used to it again but I’m certainly going to enjoy every pedal stroke of my honeymoon.

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