Rider Interview – Anthony Moye

Wednesday 11th January 2012

by Dan Smith

We took the chance to catch up with new Elite Team member Anthony Moye over a coffee. Anthony joined Velo29 Team to strengthen the Premier Calendar squad.

The interview went as follows;

So, you’ve joined Velo29 for the 2012 season, what was it that brought you to the Team? 

Riding on my own in the premier calendar this year has been really challenging. The importance of being part of a Cycling Team in races of this calibre becomes more and more apparent every time you race in one. Although I raced well in the Premiers this year I felt that had I of been part of Team I would have really fulfilled my true potential.

 Joining Velo29 Cycling Team has been a really positive move for me. I first saw the Team in a race last year and couldn’t help notice they’re ambition to move forward. The Teams’ goal is to be a significant force in the Premier Calendar which fits it exactly with where I want to be. The Team itself is made up of a good mix of experience and Youth. Riders like Dan Smith and Matt Kipling will really help the Team become stronger.

 I can’t wait to get going with Velo29. There’s a real buzz around what this Team is doing and I’m sure we’ll achieve some great results in 2012. 

Tell us about your Cycling before joining Velo29.

 My dad got me into Mountain Biking when in was 13. I starting racing when I was 14 and travelled around the country competing in the NPS and Sams series. I converted to road racing when I was 19 and started racing when I was 20. I raced with cc Luton for four years and achieved some good results. I’ve moved up the rankings and raced in the Premier Calendar in 2011.  

 It’s quite a big squad of 12 riders, is this a good thing?

 Yes I believe it’s a good thing. The team has a 6 rider allocation for the Premier Calendar races so competition for places is going to be difficult. Everyone is going to be keen to ride the big races so it will make everyone work harder and hopefully make the team stronger.  Having a 12 man team will give us the flexibility to have two teams riding on the same weekend which will be good for getting the Velo29 name about. 

 What’s the race program for 2012, what are your targets?

 The Team is aiming to do the Premier Calendar Series, Elite Crit Series and 2 UCI stage Races.

 My aim is to achieve a top 20 or better placing in the premier calendar events. Having ridden 5 of the 7 last year I know what is required of me to achieve this. I’d like to do well in the Uci races too.  In between the big events I plan to ride the local National B races as well as supporting the team in the North East. I will be riding evening criteriums too as I always think its good get a midweek race in.  


Tell us about your preparation for next year, sounds like a long tough year is ahead, what are you doing different to last year?


Since Joining Velo29  my 2012 winter preparation has been a lot more structured..  In previous years I’ve hit peak form at the end of July which isn’t ideal really. This year I’m training a lot harder in November and December instead of cramming most of the training into January. In 2011 I partially trained myself fit and partially raced myself fit. This year I aim to be race fit for the first major road race of 2012 and hopefully hit peak form in April/May time.  


The UK standard is getting increasingly high, with 6 UCI teams it must be hard for the amateurs to complete at the highest level?


Punching above our weight is going to be the only option. The majority of the team have full time jobs so putting in the equivalent training and racing hours the UCI team riders will be difficult. The team is planning to ride two UCI stage races in 2012 which will of course give us a good springboard into the premier calendar races. The Team has also made some good signings which will bring the Team up to level required.   


Finally, I hear Velo29 are part of the Tour Of Morocco, are you part of the squad for this?


I hope so! I’d love to be a part of the Team going to ride the Tour of Morocco. It’s a 10 day stage race which will be really testing. I’ve been speaking to some of the other Team members that went this year and they it was a really good race. I tend to go well on hot days too so Morocco’s climate should suite me!   


Check back over the next few months to see how Anthony and the rest of the Elite Team are getting on.

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