Croft TLI Race League 2018

The TS Racing Team is pleased to be part of the organising team of the TLI Croft League for a third year.  Along with our friends at the Hambleton RC and the Middridge CRT, we will again help to put on the 10-event series that covers the following dates.

1st May
8th may
15th May
29th May
5th June
12th June
3rd July
10th July
17th July
24th July

Racing starts at 18:30 for youths and 19:15 for juniors and adults.  For more information check out the Event Facebook Page

– There are a few dates missing where we have not been able to book the circuit (see above!).
– There is no youth racing on the final event at the 24th July.
– Cake available every week!


New Riders for TS Racing – OTR

We are pleased to welcome Martin Brearey and Ian Cowen to the team for the 2017 season.

Both riders are already fitting in well and will be joining us on our winter Saturday rides and also attending the team training camp in Majorca in February.

With the benefit of increased strength in numbers, we will be expecting good results from the whole team next season.

Ian Cowen TS Racing Team

Martin Brearey TS Racing Team

Lincoln GP

Well done to Rob Carter who continued his run of good form today in the Lincoln GP.

Rob finished 39th from approximately 160 starters all from the country’s best professional and top amateur teams.

Next target for Rob will be the North East Region Road Race Championship next Sunday.

Win Number 1 For Velo29 Elite Racing Team

Jack Rees Opens The Season’s Tally !

Velo29 Elite Team Rider Jack Rees comfortably sprinted to victory at Croft this weekend in the Velo29 Winter Series, a great start to the team’s season!

Jack sprinted home with a huge gap, arms in the air in a sweet victory for Velo29. The race went as planned for the team, Chris Mark was away briefly after 5 laps, when Chris came back Jack went immediately and established a group of 5 whom were uncatchable by the 70 plus field.

Jacked opened the Sprint with 200m to go and the outcome was never in doubt. I great win!

1 Jack Rees Velo29

2 Mike Sloanes Sunderland Clarion

3 Ryan Fenwick Gala CC
4 Sean Moon Edinburgh RC
5 Matt Rositer Durham Uni
6 Chris Mark Velo29
7 Mathew Bulmer Dirt whls cycles
8 Andy Heath Fietsen Tempo
9 Mark Johnson York Road Club
10 Tony Macullach, Phian Carbon



Rider Interview – Anthony Moye

We took the chance to catch up with new Elite Team member Anthony Moye over a coffee. Anthony joined Velo29 Team to strengthen the Premier Calendar squad.

The interview went as follows;

So, you’ve joined Velo29 for the 2012 season, what was it that brought you to the Team? 

Riding on my own in the premier calendar this year has been really challenging. The importance of being part of a Cycling Team in races of this calibre becomes more and more apparent every time you race in one. Although I raced well in the Premiers this year I felt that had I of been part of Team I would have really fulfilled my true potential.

 Joining Velo29 Cycling Team has been a really positive move for me. I first saw the Team in a race last year and couldn’t help notice they’re ambition to move forward. The Teams’ goal is to be a significant force in the Premier Calendar which fits it exactly with where I want to be. The Team itself is made up of a good mix of experience and Youth. Riders like Dan Smith and Matt Kipling will really help the Team become stronger.

 I can’t wait to get going with Velo29. There’s a real buzz around what this Team is doing and I’m sure we’ll achieve some great results in 2012. 

Tell us about your Cycling before joining Velo29.

 My dad got me into Mountain Biking when in was 13. I starting racing when I was 14 and travelled around the country competing in the NPS and Sams series. I converted to road racing when I was 19 and started racing when I was 20. I raced with cc Luton for four years and achieved some good results. I’ve moved up the rankings and raced in the Premier Calendar in 2011.  

 It’s quite a big squad of 12 riders, is this a good thing?

 Yes I believe it’s a good thing. The team has a 6 rider allocation for the Premier Calendar races so competition for places is going to be difficult. Everyone is going to be keen to ride the big races so it will make everyone work harder and hopefully make the team stronger.  Having a 12 man team will give us the flexibility to have two teams riding on the same weekend which will be good for getting the Velo29 name about. 

 What’s the race program for 2012, what are your targets?

 The Team is aiming to do the Premier Calendar Series, Elite Crit Series and 2 UCI stage Races.

 My aim is to achieve a top 20 or better placing in the premier calendar events. Having ridden 5 of the 7 last year I know what is required of me to achieve this. I’d like to do well in the Uci races too.  In between the big events I plan to ride the local National B races as well as supporting the team in the North East. I will be riding evening criteriums too as I always think its good get a midweek race in.  


Tell us about your preparation for next year, sounds like a long tough year is ahead, what are you doing different to last year?


Since Joining Velo29  my 2012 winter preparation has been a lot more structured..  In previous years I’ve hit peak form at the end of July which isn’t ideal really. This year I’m training a lot harder in November and December instead of cramming most of the training into January. In 2011 I partially trained myself fit and partially raced myself fit. This year I aim to be race fit for the first major road race of 2012 and hopefully hit peak form in April/May time.  


The UK standard is getting increasingly high, with 6 UCI teams it must be hard for the amateurs to complete at the highest level?


Punching above our weight is going to be the only option. The majority of the team have full time jobs so putting in the equivalent training and racing hours the UCI team riders will be difficult. The team is planning to ride two UCI stage races in 2012 which will of course give us a good springboard into the premier calendar races. The Team has also made some good signings which will bring the Team up to level required.   


Finally, I hear Velo29 are part of the Tour Of Morocco, are you part of the squad for this?


I hope so! I’d love to be a part of the Team going to ride the Tour of Morocco. It’s a 10 day stage race which will be really testing. I’ve been speaking to some of the other Team members that went this year and they it was a really good race. I tend to go well on hot days too so Morocco’s climate should suite me!   


Check back over the next few months to see how Anthony and the rest of the Elite Team are getting on.

Velo29 Online Retail Sponsorship Agreed for 4th Year

North East based Internet Cycle Retailer have confirmed thier Sponsorship with the Velo29 Elite Racing Team for a 4th Year.


Velo29 have been title Sponsor and majority backer since the teams conception back in 2009. This new 1 year deal comes at a time many big names are pulling out of the Sport. It’s a sign of Velo29’s commitment to competetive bike racing in the UK.


The relationship between sponsor and team is really close and it’s a relationship which works well. Velo29 Retail is ran by ex-racing cyclists so they understand the needs of a top Team. The 4 year deal reflects the ambition of the shop and thier belief in UK Bike Racing as a tool to promote thier business.


Company director Richard added “We’ve been behind the Team since day one, it’s a relationship which really works for us. The Team have some great beliefs and have made huge progress in a short timwe. They have taken the National Team by storm and with the really good signings made over the last few months, they are going to make a serious noice in 2012. We are right behind them!”


“We love that the Team is local to us, for an internet shop this is great as it really helps local trade. The Velo29 brand is growing and the Team is a big part of this. The Velo29 events, which we are also part of complete the picture. The ambition is that when the people of the North East think of Cycling, they think of Velo29.


You can follow the Team’s progress, checkout the shop and also Velo29 Events at

Velo29 Elite Racing Team Sign Top North East Rider Matt Kipling

The North East’s Velo29 cycling team sign North East Elite, Matt Kipling from Raleigh for 2012. Formally of Team Raleigh and earlier Pinarello, Matt joins Velo29 as the Team Leader for the 2012 road season. “This is a huge signing for the Northern Team and a massive step towards their long term goal off success in the Premier Calendar and Major UK road events” says the team.

“Matt’s pedigree cannot be questioned. With a decade of performing at the highest level in the biggest teams, Matt can sprint, climb and is a real contender in any race he enters.”

The Velo29 Elite Team, sponsored by Velo29 Online Retail and Vankru Performance Cycling have been on the scene for three years now and have grown rapidly in this time. The team have a great ethos and though very focused, they really work to enjoy their racing. Despite the French name, the routes hail very much from the North East of England.

Richard Williamson, Velo29 Sporting Director adds’ “Matt joining the Team is a credit to how far we have already come and a sign of our real ambition for years ahead. This is an important move for both Team and Rider. It’s great that Matt has been able to sign for a local Team and shares very much our ambition to take on the big players in the UK. Velo29 is an ever growing team and success is coming fast. With the rest of the already very strong team behind Matt, 2012 will without a doubt be our and Matt’s best year so far. We did the deal on Friday, this was a really proud day for us and a huge step, the racing season can’t come fast enough!”

In other signings, CC Luton’s Anthony Moye has signed for Velo29 and the NE squad has also signed bronze medallist in the National Junior RR, Alex Bottomley.


The last 4 months have been the most significant times since August 2009 when Velo29 was conceived.

When Dan and I started the retail side of the organisation, it rapidly became apparent we had a desire to promote events and have what would one day be a racing team that fitted with our own believes.

The events happened in a manner we would not expect and last Saturday, the North East Trophy was a realisation of the 12 months of hard work we have put in to Velo29 events.

When we saw 100 riders from all over the country speeding around Croft in what was an excellent race, it was obvious that what we do works. It was a proud day.

It’s our belief there is a market for quality events, some theatre, big names, prizes, all kinds of different way’s to make the event fun for the various people involved.

Events have become a big part of Velo29. I believe, though I’m not sure that it comes from our time abroad, or perhaps it’s just an enthusiasm for racing. When we receive emails from riders telling us how they enjoyed the event, that they will be back next week and thanks for a great day, it really does mean something to us.

Velo29 Events will continue to grow, there are definite plans for events bigger than the North East Trophy… this space!

Of course, with at least equal importance is the team. The efforts put in here are tireless. From day one we have strived to make the team a success and will continue to do so for ever more.

The past 4 months have seen this ambition come to fruition and now, quite literally, everyone wants to join velo29! 1 year ago we had 12 riders, in races mid summer we would get an attendance of 2 or 3. There are now 25 riders, a calendar full of race entries and riders competing for places in the big events. Success indeed!

We now have a team of 6 entered in every Premier Calendar, we have a structure which will support this for many years. This is a structure where young riders can enter and progress to the highest level in the UK and beyond.

We have the helpers, the infrastructure and the backing in place to be sure the team will succeed and grow for many years to come. There literally is no limit on where the team can go.

Shortly, we are off to ride the Tour of Morocco, on our return we will compete with the Nation’s top riders every weekend. We have trips to Belgium planned for mid summer, every time we talk about racing there is a real buzz in the air. This is exactly what we wanted when we said “yes, lets have a Velo29 racing team”.

There are over 30 people in the Velo29 organisation and each one is invaluable. Each and everyone of the Team members would be massively missed, they all contribute massively to the success’s above.

We are about to embark on what will, without a doubt be the biggest year yet for Velo29. In 6 months time there will be many more success to reflect on and days to be proud of.

Dan and I will work as hard as is possible to make Velo29 a huge success, thank you all for the efforts made to get us where we are today, I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Wishing us all every success,


4th Event added to the Velo29 Winter Series

Due to popular demand, we hae added a 4th event to the Winter Series.

Format will be the same as the other 3 races, 11:30 Go-Race/ 4th Cat, 8 laps. 12:30 E/1/2/3/4 Handicapped 15 laps. £15.00

The venue will be Croft and the race will take place on Saturday 5th March.

Many of the “hitters” will be away at the Eddie Soens so the race could be any bodies!

Enter in advance or on the line.

The North East Trophy is fast approaching but there is still time to enter, details here

Postal advnace entries strongly advised.

Also, on the 6th March is a new Sportive, the Captain Cook Challenge. all proceeds go to support North East Racing. Please give your support by entering the event and enjoying a great day out.

We’ll be there!!

12th February race cancelled

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the 12th February round of the winter series.

The circuit now has to have a quiet weekend once a month so as not to upset local residents… I think this was originally in relation to the motor events but has unfortunately filtered through to cycling events too. All other events are taking place as planned!

Hope to see you all there,

Proudly Sponsored By